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Best Books on Bobbin Lace Making

Jun 24, 2023Jun 24, 2023

Popularized in the 16th-century, bobbin lace making is a technique of twisting and braiding thread wound on bobbins to create delicate and elaborate lace patterns. Also referred to as pillow or bone lace, this traditional handicraft can range from simple designs to complex motifs, with the more-complicated patterns incorporating up to 1,000 bobbins in their construction. Whether you are looking to learn more about its history, or create an RBG-worthy collar, our picks below will help you find the best book on bobbin lace.

Learn the history, tools, and techniques of bobbin lace making. Broken into 12 lessons, this book guides the reader through a variety of stitch patterns, each with increasing degrees of difficulty, that help you master the techniques. With helpful hints to work through each pattern, this book directs you through step-by-step instructions for creating lace edgings, doilies, collars, and more.

This is a starter guide to bobbin lace with step-by-step illustrated instructions. The book introduces traditional techniques and stitch patterns, through accessible bookmark projects, as well as contemporary applications for using yarn to create a scarf or bag. While it does not offer a wide variety of patterns and project guides, this is a great choice for beginners wanting to dip their toes into the art of bobbin lace making.

With a historical review of traditional and contemporary applications, this book is a wonderful resource for those wanting to learn more about the craft of bobbin lace. With an introduction to the required tools and steps, readers will learn basic techniques and styles for straight and tape lace. Along with simple illustrated instructions, the book includes directions for drafting and finishing your own patterns.

This handy reference guide provides tips and definitions for common lace stitches, grounds, headsides, and footsides. While this book does not provide instruction on learning how to make bobbin lace, its simple diagrams and straightforward explanations are a useful companion manual for any beginner. With information on equipment and materials, including helpful tips for working lace and how to create different shapes.

A comprehensive manual to bobbin lace, this book offers clear diagrams and descriptions for basic lace techniques, including Egyptian plaited, torchon, Cluny, Honiton, and Bucks "point ground." With advice on materials, methods and finishings, this book illustrates the process of lace making as a way to guide the reader through creating their own lace patterns.