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FG Orders DisCo To Disconnect Uncertified Transformers

Sep 07, 2023Sep 07, 2023

The Federal Government on Friday ordered the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company to immediately disconnect all 33kV and 11kV transformers that it installed in 13 locations without complying with stipulated statutory inspections.

The order was contained in an enforcement notice issued by the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency, which stated that the directive was in accordance with the provisions of the NEMSA Act, 2015.

It explained that the notice, which was issued to the management of EEDC, was due to the DisCo's incessant and flagrant disregard for technical standards, stressing that that was in contravention of the NEMSA Act 2015, and the Nigerian Electricity Supply and Installation Standards Regulation 2015.

The agency is mandated to enforce installation standards regulations, pursuant to Section 6 (b) of the NEMSA Act.

In the enforcement notice, NEMSA expressed concern over the power firm's nonchalant attitude to the issues raised and subsequently "directed Enugu DisCo to immediately disconnect the following 33kV and 11kV transformer installations connected without statutory Inspection, testing, and certification by NEMSA."

It outlined the 13 installations to be disconnected by the power firm including the 1x500kVA, 33/0.415kV s/s (substation) at Immigration Services Office Enugu-Abakaliki Expressway, Emene, Enugu; 1x200kVA, 33/0,415kV s/s at Built Mart Plaza, Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, Independence Layout Phase 2, Enugu; 1x300kVA, 33/0.415kV s/s at a palm kernel factory, Centenary City Junction, Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, Enugu.

Others include the 1x100kVA, 33/0.415kV pole mounted s/s connected to a residential/hotel building along Centenary City Road, before Centenary City gate, off Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, Enugu; 1x500kVA, 33/0.415kV s/s at Heliu Estate, opposite Centenary City Junction; 1x500kVA, 33/0.415kV s/s at Plaza opposite Majestic Suites, Centenary Street; 1x500kVA, 33/0.415kV s/s at Centenary Street Junction connected to the RMU.

The agency named others as the 1x300kVA, 33/0.415kV s/s at Elshammah Estate gate, off Centenary City Road, Enugu; 1x200kVA, 33/0.415kV s/s at Plaza opposite Jedidiah Estate, off Centenary City Road; 1x500kVA, 33/0.415kV s/s at Emmanuel Garden Estate, off Centenary City Road; and 1x100kVA, 33/0.415kV s/s at Terisco Oil and Gas Plant, by Army Checkpoint, Independence Layout Bypass, Enugu.

The other equipment to be disconnected by the Disco were the 1x100kVA, 33/0,415kV s/s at NNPC petrol station, Ugwogo-Opi Road before Elim Estate, Enugu; and 1x50kVA, 33/0,415kV s/s at Final Point Hotel, Enugu.

"By the law establishing NEMSA, the agency is authorised to, among other things, enforce compliance with the technical standards for all electrical installations, electrical plants, including power plants and ancillary systems, electricity networks and connectivity to the grid.

"It (NEMSA) is to provide sustained technical inspection, testing and certification of all electrical materials, (including transformer oil and chemicals) or equipment, power systems, networks (generation, transmission and distribution), or electrical installations to be used in the power sector," the agency stated.

According to NEMSA, this is to ensure a stable system that delivers safe, reliable, regular power supply as well as guarantee the safety of lives and property in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.

The agency states that it is legally obligated to conduct routine checks, assessments, and surveys of power plants, stations, high voltage transmission lines, and facilities, to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation.

According to the agency, such periodic inspections are also done on associated transmitting or switching stations and distribution networks to ensure that they are in regular fitness to generate, transmit, distribute and deliver reliable and safe power supply to electricity consumers nationwide.

It said the exercise would also safeguard lives and property by ensuring compliance with technical standards and safety requirements in the use of electrical materials, networks, and connections to the national power grid.

The agency also announced that it was currently boosting the skills of some industry personnel and urged other interested applicants to develop their capacity through the various training programmes of NEMSA.

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