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10 Iconic Cars From The Transformers Movie Franchise

May 21, 2023May 21, 2023

The Transformers movies have had many amazing cars grace the silver screen over the years, but some stand out from the crowd more than others.

When it comes to cars in movie franchises, the likes of the Fast & Furious and Transformers series come to mind. These revolve around supercars doing the main business, whether it is completing heists or saving the world. The latter is especially a hit among children and adults alike, given it involves huge robots transforming into supercars that were ahead of their time.

The Transformers franchise has had many amazing cars grace the silver screen over the years. However, some of them stand out more than others, having carved themselves into the minds of fans all over the world. Indeed, should one spot any of them on the road, they tend to instantly think of the movies. Here are 10 such vehicles and what they have meant to the franchise.

We begin with the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept, which holds the distinction of being the only car in the entire Transformers franchise that is a concept. All the other vehicles in the movies have made it into some level of production, which makes this one the most exclusive supercar the franchise has hosted. It was strictly a design exercise by Chevrolet, but Transformers director Michael Bay was so impressed by the car that he requested the manufacturer to let it be used in the movies.

That is exactly what came to pass, with the Corvette Stingray Concept being the vehicle the autobot Sideswipe transforms into. Sideswipe is a Transformer who fits the car like a glove due to his desire to always stay ahead of the game. The Corvette Stingray Concept, like the robot, is futuristic, ahead of its time, and indeed, automotive perfection.

Stinger was a fun character in the Transformers franchise, giving viewers and fans the impression that he was a Decepticon before revealing himself as one of the good ones. The car he transforms into is the gorgeous and racy Pagani Huayra, which is a highly exclusive hypercar of dreams. Stinger was created by humans, and they certainly knew their stuff about fast cars if we are to go by their choices.

Said humans were inspired to create Stinger after seeing Bumblebee, which makes no sense whatsoever. However, their idea of one-upping the legendary autobot was to base Stinger on a car that would smoke the iconic Chevrolet Camaro. That was achieved with the Huayra, which starred in an epic fight scene between the two robots in the fourth movie.

Lockdown is a notorious Decepticon bounty hunter and someone who will stop at nothing to complete the mission at hand. He is one of the most popular antagonists in the Transformers franchise and someone who has been hailed as a truly menacing villain. This raging bull of a Transformer's car of choice is fittingly a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, a machine that suits his character down to the last detail.

What is amazing about Lockdown is the fact that he can upgrade himself by stealing and acquiring parts. Indeed, in the past, his car was a Lamborghini Murcielago before he upgraded it to the Aventador. The latter is a razor-focused supercar that has speed as its ultimate mission, which sounds a lot like Lockdown upon receiving money to hunt someone down.

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Taking over from the mighty Bugatti Veyron is no mean feat. However, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R managed to do just that. No, we are not talking about breaking the Veyron's top speed numbers or anything of that sort, but the feat of becoming its successor in the Transformers franchise. The AMG GT R is the vehicle of choice for Drift, who used to transform into the Veyron before he swapped it for the Merc in the fifth Transformers movie.

The GT R was duly given the Veyron's iconic red and black paint, making it the spiritual successor to the rapid Bugatti. Drift looked incredible in the skin of the German super serpent, which gave off major samurai vibes while it was tearing up the streets.

If one is making a franchise glittered with supercars, there has to be a Ferrari included in the lineup. The Transformers franchise duly obliged with the best modern mid-engined V8 Ferrari in the Ferrari 458 Italia. Mirage, also known as Dino, is capable of transforming into this gorgeous Italian beauty, winning the hearts of every automobile enthusiast who paid to see the third movie in the series on the silver screen.

It is also so fitting that Dino speaks in an Italian accent, thereby paying homage to his automobile form's legendary origin. Dino possesses the power to scan and tap into any car he wants, which means he deliberately chose a Ferrari as his vehicle of choice. It looks like he is a proper gearhead, perhaps more than any of his counterparts.

Barricade is a Decepticon whose car form is the sublime Saleen S281. It is a shame that the modified Ford Mustang is the vehicle of choice for a villain and not one of our favorite heroic Autobots. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best cars the Transformers franchise has given its fans.

What makes Barricade's S281 form unique is the fact that normally, Decepticons are known to transform into vehicles that can fly, like planes, jets, and helicopters. The makers modified the Mustang and painted it in police car colors to really take the fan base by surprise. That last bit is quite ironic given Barricade is a notorious villain, but as long as he is in car form, no one will be complaining.

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This one is a hilarious entry. The Autobot Hot Rod is the one who can transform into the legendary Lamborghini Centenario, which is made awesome by the fact that only 40 examples were made. However, before he gained access to the Centenario, he used to transform into an even better car – the Citroën DS.

After you are done laughing, you will do well to remember that the DS is a great car. However, for the incredibly racy and fast-paced vibe the Transformers franchise gives its fans, the Italian supercar is the obvious pick. Hot Rod got a whole lot faster after the upgrade, and we are certain he is grateful for the idea of switching over to the Centenario.

The 1,200-horsepower Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was the car Drift transformed into before he switched over to the Mercedes-AMG GT R. That is through no fault of the Bugatti, which is a much faster car than the AMG in almost every metric. Indeed, the only thing that makes sense about the switch to us is that Drift wanted to live up to his name and wanted a car that was much more drift-happy than the French hypercar.

However, while it was in the franchise, the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse meant business. It was one of the coolest and most amazing cars in the lineup, and it was a real shame to see it go. The fact that it made it to many people's posters says a lot about how special its legendary status is in Transformers history.

Now we come to two of the most recognizable and iconic vehicles in the history of the Transformers franchise. The first one is the legendary blue and red truck, Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, transforms into. Called the Western Star 5700, it is well and truly the star of the series.

Optimus Prime is a level-headed and great leader, and that is why the Western Star 5700 truck suits him very well. What he lacks for in pace compared to some other Transformers, he more than makes up for with power, durability, and presence. The warrior who can defeat the likes of Megatron and the other baddies proudly reps the hulking truck, and we respect him immensely for it.

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The Optimus Prime truck is a worthy winner in this list, but it is not quite the conclusion. That distinction belongs to the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 in yellow paint. It is so famous that it is still referred to as the Bumblebee car, referring to the Transformers franchise's most beloved Autobot and the car he transforms into.

Bumblebee's Camaro transformation is one of the most iconic in the entire series. He began life as a 1976 Camaro, but it was the evolution into the fifth-generation model that cemented it as an all-timer in car culture. The Camaro ZL1 was such a hit that demand rose sharply for yellow-painted models of the classic muscle car. The fact that Bumblebee was originally a Volkswagen Beetle and got upgraded into the Camaro is one of the greatest decisions made in the franchise's longstanding history.

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