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ASUS flagship GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Matrix PCB detailed

Apr 20, 2023Apr 20, 2023

ASUS provided a few of their just-announced GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Matrix GPUs to the overclocking community for a live showcase and attempts to break some records. As we know, the ROG Matrix will be featuring an innovative cooling design and will rely on highly binned GPUs to offer the highest performance from any ASUS GPU thus far.

Der8auer had an opportunity to capture the ROG Matrix board without any covers, thermal compound or isolation. This is a first full exposure of this graphics card PCB to the public. Interestingly, some units carry a ROG STRIX sticker, and both cards actually feature very similar if not identical designs with 24-phase VRM, but the devil lies in the details.

ASUS RTX 4090 ROG Matrix PCB, Source: Der8auer

According to ASUS, the ROG Matrix will have new temperature sensors located around the GPU and power stages. They will allow ASUS firmware to locate the heat spots that could be a result of nonuniform thermal pad installation. And speaking of power stages, ASUS will also be replacing Onsemi with MPS components, but both were rated for the same current of 70A.

Those who do not like coil whine should be pleased to know that ASUS ROG Matrix has new inductors that should have ‘significantly less coil whine’ according to Der8auer. Worth adding that the same inductors should now be found on the STRIX, as ASUS has changed the supplier for those components.

The main features of ASUS ROG Matrix are the more efficient AIO 360mm cooling design and binned GPUs. ROG Matrix is ASUS long-awaited return to the flagship GPU competition, alongside GALAX HOF, EVGA Kingpin and MSI Lightning. The last two have not been released, and in case of EVGA will not be released ever again.

Source: der8auer via @harukaze5719