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Joanne McNally shares boyfriend’s naked pool picture on African holiday

Jun 23, 2023Jun 23, 2023

Joanne's followers perhaps saw more of her holiday than they bargained for as she shared a naked snap of her boyfriend.

Joanne McNally and boyfriend Alan Byrne

Joanne shared snaps from the pair's private pool.

Joanne McNally has shared snaps of her boyfriend lounging naked in the pool during their East African getaway.

The comedian has brought fans along on their romantic trip, sharing the memorable moments with her 340k followers on Instagram.

Joanne gave an insight into their afternoon yesterday with followers perhaps seeing more than they bargained for as she shared a naked snap of her boyfriend.

Sharing beautiful blue skies, a clear sea and a stunning pool at their East African resort, Joanne snapped her model boyfriend Alan "ringin in his lunch order" in the nude.

The podcaster used emojis to keep her partner's modesty covered for social media.

Joanne shared snaps from the pair's private pool.

The podcast star also shared the landscape beyond the bounds of their private pool, recording the sandy walk down to an idyllic beach.

"It looks like they’ve dyed the water turquoise," Joanne captioned one post.

The pair are on a luxurious safari trip in Kenya, with Joanne sharing surreal snaps of the animals they got up close and personal with while on the trip.

"Incredible few days at the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya!" said Joanne.

"The animals, the lodge, the food , the staff! It was absolutely Mind blowing! Baby elephants and cheetahs and hippos just bobbin along Beside the truck!

A post shared by Joanne McNally (@joannemcnallycomedy)

"And then the unbelievable set up in the @elewanacollection River Mara lodge which is bang in the middle of the safari park which means you can just be sitting on your balcony and a family of elephants are 100 yards away from you playing and watering themselves! It felt like being in an episode of Jurassic park."

The co-host of My Therapist Ghosted Me thanked organisers for the holiday gift.

Fans and followers have been watching Joanne's holiday closely, reeling at the gorgeous East African landscape and animals.

"This is UNREAL," said podcast co-host Vogue Williams.

"It almost doesn't look real!" another said.

"Alan is a keeper and if not can you please send him over to Switzerland," another quipped.

The pair, who met on celebrity dating app Raya, previously enjoyed a trip to Barcelona together – and Joanne has revealed their next stop is Zanzibar.

It has been clear from social media snaps that Joanne had a rough start to the year, revealing on her Instagram stories that she has been sick, had a root canal – and her car crashed into a local cafe.

"2023 has had a pretty spicy start. In the last 48 hours, I’ve had that 24-hour vomiting bug. For anyone that's had it, it's doing the rounds, it's gross," she said, speaking to the camera with a devil filter on.

"Then this morning I had the start of a root canal done. One of my teeth is hanging out of my head."

Joanne then revealed that her model boyfriend Alan Byrne, nicknamed "Prada Peter" was driving her car earlier that day and accidentally drove into a coffee shop nearby.

"This morning Alan drove my car into the local coffee shop. My car – not his. He left the handbrake off. He said he did it by accident, we’ll never know.

"No, nobody was hurt. People are asking me if anyone (was) hurt. Nobody was hurt, thank god. Imagine he'd run someone over and I was just posting a video online for the craic? I’m not that insane.

"Nobody's hurt, thank god. Nobody was hurt," the 39-year-old said.