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PCIM: Wound component module for 11kW LLC on

May 06, 2023May 06, 2023

Premo has releases an integrated wound component package for automotive on-board LLC chargers rated up to 11kW.

BCBM-11KW-004 combines 14:15 transformers and resonance inductors for three 3.6kW phases, taking in 400V and delivering 240-460V (<14.7Arms) when switched between 98 and 150kHz.

The enclosure is 87(+lugs) x 38(+pins) x 158mm, and the parts inside are encapsulated.

"The usage of specific thermal conductive encapsulation material, like Coolmag, improves the performance capability of the part," said the company. "During manufacturing, the encapsulation process is made guaranteeing no bubbles or voids inside the part, removing the chances of thermal runaways or failures."

Total weight is 1.5kg.

"Current production, deployed in two different plants, in Vietnam and Morocco, is fully automated by using cobots from Premo Robotics.

See the wound component module, along with 4, 7 and 22kW cousins, on the Premo stand at PCIM (hall 6, stand 232)

Steve Bush