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Ee Ei Ferrite Core for High Voltage High Frequency Power Electric Main Supply, Electrical Switching Flyback Mode Current Transformer with Good Price

Product Application 1. VCRS, Copy machine , Audio equipment , Game machines2. TV sets, Microcomputer equipment, printers

Epoxy Resin Encapsulated Isolating TTR Transformer

Epoxy Resin Encapsulated TTR Transformer (EI30) 1.8va to 2.6vaType: EI30*16Power Range: 1.8VA/2.1VA/2.4VA/2.6VAFrequency

Low Frequency Current Potting Potted Epoxy Encapsulated Power Supply Control Isolation Transformer

Overview Product Description ZEMCT131 Precise current transformer Features and application: Small size, high accuracy, g

Lrs-350-24 SMPS 350W 24V Single Output Industrial Switching Power Supply Transformer

Overview Product Description LRS-200,350 series is a 200,350W single-group output sealed power supply, with a 30mm low-p

Medical/Industrial/Test Equipments Use Manufacturer Potting Transformer/Encapsulated Transformer with CE/UL/VDE

Overview Features FEATURES: Frequency 50/60Hz Potted under vacuum Split-bobbin Temperature class ta 40°C/B Weight:0.75kg

Ei Encapsulated Transformer for Underwater Lighting

Basic info Specification Model NO.: GWEi30-12.5 Ei30-10.5 Ei35 Ei38 Ei42 Ei54 Ei66Usage: Ei Low Frequency Transformer fo

Multiport Repeater/Ethernet Switching Hub and Other Multi-Purpose Through-Hole LAN Transformer with CE/UL

Overview Features FEATURES: Designed to meet IEEE 802.3requirements Through-hole Low cost design Options OPTIONS: Tape &

Encapsulated Three Phase Pole Mounted Transformer with Good Price

Overview Product Description Oil immersed series transformer: S11-M series fully sealed oil immersed power transformer d

EI38 Encapsulated Transformer for Household and Electrical Meter

Product Description General description of PCB mounted encapsulated electric power transformer Advantages of PCB mounted

Electric Pq Flyback Ferrite Core High Frequency Inverter Switching Power Supply Transformer

Overview Product Description PQ series high-frequency transformer for switching mode power supply Typical product: PQ 20

Industrial Control/Test Equipments/Industrial Computers/Telecom Use Standard Product Encapsulated/Low Frequency Transformer

Overview Features FEATURES: Two compartments bobbin Self-extinguishing plastics UL94V-0 Degree of protion IP67 Weight:0.

High quality PCB mount encapsulated transformer 12V with lamination sheet

Product Description Transformer Feature :1. Easy to install.2. Lower power consumption.3. Little temperature rising.4. H