220VAC 12V 1500va Custom-Made PCB Mount Encapsulated Transformer

220VAC 12V 1500va Custom-Made PCB Mount Encapsulated Transformer

Name:220VAC 12V 1500va Custom-Made PCB Mount Encapsulated TransformerWe have abtained ISO9001:2015,IEC,CE approval .we g
Basic Info
Model NO. TT4 GWB0655
Usage Power, Electronic, Instrument
Frequency Characteristics Power Frequency
Shape of Core Ring
Brand Grewin Toroidal Transformer
Type PCB Encapsulated Toroidal Transformer
Input 220-240VAC
Power 1500va
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Model Number 1500va
Usage. Power, Electronic, Audio, Instrument, Rectifier
Coil Number High Flux Density Grain- Oriented Silicon Steel
95% Efficiency Power Factor: 0.9 to 0.98
Transformer Converters Ring Transformer
Transport Package Expoort Standard Carton with Srong Pallet
Specification CE, ROHS
Trademark GW
Origin Tianjin
HS Code 85043190
Production Capacity 100000/Month
Product Description

Name:220VAC 12V 1500va Custom-Made PCB Mount Encapsulated TransformerWe have abtained ISO9001:2015,IEC,CE approval .we guarantee quality is the first.


High Quality Toroidal Transformer for Wind Energy1. technical parameters.

Toroidal Transformer I
PowerThermal FuseCurrent FuseDimension (mm)Approval Mark
GWB25VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A80*35CE UL TUV CQC
GWB30VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A83*35CE UL TUV CQC
GWB40VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A87*35CE UL TUV CQC
GWB50VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A93*34CE UL TUV CQC
GWB60VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A93*35CE UL TUV CQC
GWB80VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A102*35CE UL TUV CQC
GWB105VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A114*38CE UL TUV CQC
GWB120VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A113*41CE UL TUV CQC
GWB140VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A114*42CE UL TUV CQC
GWB150VA135ºC 250V 2A250V T 2A117*43CE UL TUV CQC
GWB160VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 5A120*43CE UL TUV CQC
GWB180VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 5A125*42CE UL TUV CQC
GWB200VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 5A124*49CE UL TUV CQC
GWB220VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 5A127*50CE UL TUV CQC
GWB240VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 5A129*48CE UL TUV CQC
GWB250VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 5A130*52CE UL TUV CQC
GWB260VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 5A130*53CE UL TUV CQC
GWB280VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 5A138*45CE UL TUV CQC
GWB300VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A138*54CE UL TUV CQC
GWB320VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A138*54CE UL TUV CQC
GWB340VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A138*54CE UL TUV CQC
GWB360VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A142*55CE UL TUV CQC
GWB380VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A146*54CE UL TUV CQC
GWB400VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A148*56CE UL TUV CQC
GWB420VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A148*56CE UL TUV CQC
GWB440VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A148*60CE UL TUV CQC
GWB460VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A149*64CE UL TUV CQC
GWB480VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A153*59CE UL TUV CQC
GWB500VA135ºC 250V 5A250V T 10A155*62CE UL TUV CQC
Toroidal Transformer
PowerDimension (mm)Efficiency %CurrentWeight
GWB20VA60*25>8210mA 1.200.45kgs

Minature Toroidal Transformer 2.5VA-15va:


2.Waterproof outdoor toroidal Transformer's:105VA-1000VA :2. Test process

1 .No-load test (included no-load voltage,no load current and no load loss)

2.iInductive voltage test

3. Load test (load voltage and temperature rise

4. Temperature rise test .

5.Insulated resistance

6.Hi-pot test

7.Leakage indutance test

8.DC resistance test

9.Surface inspection.

3.customized audio toroidal transformer and solar energy transformer Application:

1. audio equipment 2. electric control3. computer4. solar device5.telecommunications6.high-end and middle-end vedio etc

2). Advantages:

1.High quality 100% copper core2.a full range of toroidal transformer

3.Specially sales and technical services:5-10Years4.With 14 years' producing history in transformer induatry5.our company have cooperated with many customers around the world and gained good reputation at home and abroad.

The above-mentioned toroidal transformer is frequently-used, we can also manufacture the products by customer design. And the specification is for reference, if has the change further, please take the material object as the standard.


4).GREWIN'S Dimension :External diameter: 40mm-300mm, height :13mm-130mm, Efficiency: 75-98%
we can design the appropriate products according to customers' requirments such as installation dimension, input and output voltage,power...etc.)

4.product procedure

The following picture showed you about all finished toroidal transformer production line and package with export standard carton and strong pallets:

220VAC 12V 1500va Custom-Made PCB Mount Encapsulated Transformer

About us:

1. Tianjin Grewin Technology Co.,ltd. has always laying great emphasis on our core business philosophy "Quality and Honesty First ". Due to continuous innovative research and development, our products have meet the technical standards and safety standards , which are efficient and environment-friendly. As a professional leading and a main exporter of a wide variety of electronic components in China for many years, we adhere to new products, quality to meet the needs of you and welcome all of you to negotiate.


2.Flow chart of trading activities:



Days need


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Sending and receiving samples

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Sample confirmation

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Placing a firm order

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Paying and receiving the down payment

1-4 day


Factory production & Quality inspection

15-20 days


Paying and receiving the balance

4 days


Delivery of goods

1 days



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